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Meet The Pet Expert – Brandon Forder

Brandon Forder is a pet health professional and co-owner of Canadian Pet Connection, an industry leading pet supply company specializing in pet nutrition, health, behaviour and lifestyle. CPC was founded in 1994 by Brandon’s father, Lorne Forder, when Brandon was only 14 years old. Fast forward to today, and Brandon is now the face of a new generation of young pet health professionals working with top veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and animal behavioural experts around the world. Pet health and nutrition has been his passion for almost 25 years, and he believes that education is the most important component for successful pet companionship. He has dedicated his life to educating his clients one-on-one about everything from understanding pet food ingredients, to managing health problems, and everything in between. Brandon is dedicated to providing his clients with world-class knowledge and expertise regarding all things pets. He has written articles for several animal publications, magazines, blogs and newspapers–in addition to writing for the CPC Facebook page, Twitter profile and blog.

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When Is It Too Cold To Walk The Dog?

With frigid temperatures get low enough to affect our everyday lives, dog owners are cautioned to keep their pups indoors. But for many pet owners, this could mean an increase in pent up, anxious, and destructive behaviours as dogs create outlets to satiate their mind...

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Dealing With Feline Aggression

Is your cat angry, or violent towards other cats in your home? They may be experiencing feline aggression. Cats are wonderful companions, but as with every pet, there are always complications. Behavioural issues, like aggression, can quickly upset the balance in a...

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How To Prevent Hairballs

This time of year, we’re inundated with questions from cat owners about hairballs. Cats have grown their full winter-coat, and have more dense hair now than any other time of year. With this comes a lot of extra grooming and licking, often resulting in an increase in...

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Clear Conscience Pet Super Gravy Review

Clear Conscience Pet Super Gravy is a pretty unique product. Available in three flavours: PawJus, Barkinara, and Arfredo, this high-quality food topper is nutrient dense, all-natural, and free from unhealthy ingredients. There are many uses for a gravy like this, too....

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Keeping Pet Hair Under Control

At some point, virtually every pet owner will have to accept one simple fact: pets shed constantly. And on thing all pet owners quickly learn is that keeping pet hair under control can be a daily struggle. Year round, pet owners are up against a never-ending onslaught...

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The Top 10 Dog Foods in Canada for 2019

Over the last two decades, Canadian pet food manufacturers have been developing high quality, human grade, and innovative pet foods to supply both Canada and the world. We have carefully considered them all, looking at every aspect of the manufacturer and their...

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Vegan Dog Foods in Canada

Why Choose Vegan Dog Food?A healthy dog food made entirely from plants?The concept of plant-based, vegan dog foods is not new. However, with the limited options available to Canadian pet owners up to this point, the demand for high-quality, plant-based dog food has...

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What Is A Limited Ingredient Dog Food Diet?

A limited ingredient diet is made with less ingredients compared to traditional pet foods, as dogs who are showing the symptoms of allergies or sensitivities may have an unexplained food allergy. It is also commonly referred to as a hypoallergenic diet....

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