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Meet The Pet Expert – Brandon Forder

Brandon Forder is a pet health professional and co-owner of Canadian Pet Connection, an industry leading pet supply company specializing in pet nutrition, health, behaviour and lifestyle. CPC was founded in 1994 by Brandon’s father, Lorne Forder, when Brandon was only 14 years old. Fast forward to today, and Brandon is now the face of a new generation of young pet health professionals working with top veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and animal behavioural experts around the world. Pet health and nutrition has been his passion for almost 25 years, and he believes that education is the most important component for successful pet companionship. He has dedicated his life to educating his clients one-on-one about everything from understanding pet food ingredients, to managing health problems, and everything in between. Brandon is dedicated to providing his clients with world-class knowledge and expertise regarding all things pets. He has written articles for several animal publications, magazines, blogs and newspapers–in addition to writing for the CPC Facebook page, Twitter profile and blog.

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Finding Your Perfect Puppy

Temperatures are getting warmer, the snow is finally melting away, and the days are lasting longer - in the pet industry, we call this puppy season. Every spring, there is an influx in new pet ownership; it’s the perfect time to commit to house...

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Understanding and Preventing Heartworm

While pet owners routinely go through the same heartworm disease prevention protocol every year, many do not fully understand exactly what they are treating – and what risks are involved. Heartworms are large roundworms. They live in the heart and blood vessels...

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How To Recognize and Avoid Rabies

With the first day of Spring just one week away, many animals living in our communities are starting to come out of hibernation. As we begin to notice more birds singing and squirrels scurrying, pet owners need to think about the increased threat of...

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Protecting Your Pet From Pet Food Recalls

There has been an alarming rise of pet food recalls in the news recently. This time, it includes household big brands like Ol’Roy, Kibbles N’ Bits, and more. Since the beginning of 2017, more than twenty-five brands have been recalled across North America;...

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Dog Park Etiquette

With Spring arriving quickly, the days are slowly getting warmer and the sun is staying out later. This is the time of year where we begin spending more time outdoors. For many lucky dogs,  and that means longer walks! Many people frequent off-leash dog...

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It’s Tick Season: How To Avoid Ticks

It's that time of year again, tick season. The sun is out, the snow is melting, and with that the ticks are repopulating. In recent years, with the change in our global climate, mild weather days have been increasing. As a result, much of the tick...

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Dog and Cat Dental Health

February is Pet Dental Health Month. It’s the perfect time for all us pet owners to review our pet’s dental health regimes. Pet owners love their pet's, and have the best of intentions for them, too. But dental health is easy to overlook! That is, until...

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