Pet Health and Nutrition

What Is A Limited Ingredient Dog Food Diet?

A limited ingredient diet is made with less ingredients compared to traditional pet foods, as dogs who are showing the symptoms of allergies or sensitivities may have an unexplained food allergy. It is also commonly referred to as a hypoallergenic diet....

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Feline Urinary Health

Through their lifetime, many cats will experience problems with their urinary health. This can be an incredibly painful ordeal, and can be fatal if left untreated. While there are many reasons as to why this happens, one thing is clear: taking preventive measures to...

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Understanding and Preventing Heartworm

While pet owners routinely go through the same heartworm disease prevention protocol every year, many do not fully understand exactly what they are treating – and what risks are involved. Heartworms are large roundworms. They live in the heart and blood vessels...

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How To Recognize and Avoid Rabies

With the first day of Spring just one week away, many animals living in our communities are starting to come out of hibernation. As we begin to notice more birds singing and squirrels scurrying, pet owners need to think about the increased threat of...

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Protecting Your Pet From Pet Food Recalls

There has been an alarming rise of pet food recalls in the news recently. This time, it includes household big brands like Ol’Roy, Kibbles N’ Bits, and more. Since the beginning of 2017, more than twenty-five brands have been recalled across North America;...

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Feeding Raw Food Diets to Dogs and Cats

Thinking about taking your dog or cat’s diet to the next level? Consider going raw. Raw diets for pets are more popular than ever, and the demand from pet owners is only growing. Raw food diets, available as frozen food patties or as dehydrated...

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