Lafebers Pelleted Diet for Macaw or Cockatoo




Lafebers Pelleted Diet Macaw or Cockatoo is a complete, nourishing diet for your bird. This delicious mix contains everything your bird needs and wants; all the goodness they would seek out in the wild in an easy-to-eat pellet. Each pellet contains high quality, GMO free corn and soy that is grown right outside the Lafebers building. They carefully monitor and care for their crops, ensuring only the best ingredients go into their foods. They also used whole egg, a highly digestible protein source.

Every bath of Lafebers Pelleted Diet Macaw or Cockatoo is designed with everything your macaw or cockatoo needs for strong bones, and shiny feathers, too. It’s omega 3 & 6 balanced, to increase your bird’s immune function and also their skin quality. Lafebers controls every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring all the right vitamins and nutrients make their way into every bite. In fact, they’re considered leaders in Avian nutrition all around the world. Only bird foods are made in their factory, to avoid the risk of cross contamination.
The different grains are mixed and essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids are added which are necessary for strong bones and brilliant feathers. Watch your feathered friend shine with the excellent nutrition found in Lafeber’s pelleted bird food. This is the only complete, pelleted diet for birds on the market.

Why We Recommend Lafebers Pelleted Diet for Macaw or Cockatoo:

  • An exceptionally high quality diet for birds
  • The only real pelleted diet on the market
  • Complete and balanced for your macaw or cockatoo
  • Also made with fresh, controlled ingredients
  • Proven to improve your bird’s overall health and longevity


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