Versele-Laga Premium African Parrot Seed Loro Paroque




Versele-Laga Premium African Parrot Seed is the ideal diet for a domesticated African Parrot. This balanced and complete seed mixture is made up of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

This mix is designed by Aviary Nutritionists, to be the ideal diet for African Parrots living in domesticated homes. It is perfect for Jardine’s parrots, and also Senegal parrots. This delicious mix includes lots of ingredients that your parrot would naturally seek out in the wild, which makes it their ideal diet.

Versele-Laga Premium African Parrot Seed is made with wholesome and healthful ingredients. This includes buckwheat, hempseed, oats, and also rice. It also includes sunflower seeds, millet, and more! Your African parrot will love this delicious, well-rounded mix. Available in 2.5 and 15 kg packages. Always ensure your African parrot has access to clean drinking water.

Why We Recommend Versele-Laga Premium African Parrot Seed:

  • A high quality, well rounded diet for African parrots
  • Designed by Aviary nutritionists
  • Comprised of real whole foods
  • Made with a mix of healthful grains, nuts, and seeds
  • A tasty formula that your parrot will love!

Versele-Laga Premium African Parrot Seed Ingredients:

Striped sunflower seeds, White sunflower seeds, Safflower, Oats, Maize, Paddy rice, Wheat, Buckwheat, Barley, Peeled peanuts, Pumpkin kernels, Dari, Pine nuts, Carob cubes, Canary seed, Hempseed, White millet, Milo, Puffed wheat, Popcorn, Rosehip, Red pepper, Maxi V.A.M. pellets, Oystershells, Vitamin A 8800 IU, Vitamin D3 1600 IU, Vitamin E 20 mg, E1 (iron) 20 mg, 3b202 (iodine) 1.5 mg, E4 (copper) 7 mg, 3b502 (manganese) 48 mg, 3b603 (Zinc) 45 mg, E8 (Selenium) 0.2 mg



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