Marshall Advanced Hydrogel for Wound and Skin Care for All Animals

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What makes Earth’s Balance Advanced Hydrogel® Wound & Skin Care special is that it remains stable at all temperatures, unlike other wound care products. That means there are far fewer limitations to where it can be stored. It does not freeze and is not sensitive to high heat, so it can be kept wherever it is needed with no worries that it will deteriorate or lose efficacy–meaning more return on investment.
It’s a long-lasting, non-toxic, “no rinse” gel formula is long-lasting and contains no antibiotics, alcohol or steroids. When applied, Advanced Hydrogel® Wound & Skin Care creates a micro-barrier, thanks to patented Ion Dispersion Technology (IDT™). In this way, the innovative new gel product protects the wound, removes dead tissue and helps skin cells regenerate and renew.
Advanced Hydrogel® Wound & Skin Care is safe for all animal species, including cats, dogs and rabbits, treating wounds such as cuts, rashes, sores, burns, abrasions, skin irritations and post-surgical sites. It will be available in 4-oz., 8-oz. and 16-oz. sizes. The best part of all? It’s less expensive that the competition.


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