Kaytee Aspen Bedding and Litter for Small Animals



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Kaytee Aspen Bedding and Litter is a high quality wood based bedding. It is oh-so-soft, making it a favourite for all small animals. This is a perfect bedding for guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, and other small animals. The hardwood shavings in this bedding are free of oils, and also inks or dyes. These natural aspen shavings are free of dust and wood debris because of how they are processed. This makes it a better quality than many other leading wood shaving brands. Kaytee Aspen Bedding and Litter is a completely natural product, and can be used in all cages and terrariums.

Why We Recommend Kaytee Aspen Bedding:

  • All natural, free of oils, inks, and also dyes
  • Made from soft aspen wood
  • Processed in a way that eliminates dust and debris
  • Made for all small animals


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