Comfy Cone The Wipe It Drool Bib for Dogs


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Comfy Cone The Wipe It Drool Bib for Dogs is great for those messy eaters and drinkers, for those breeds that drool excessively and when visiting the vet or groomers. This wipe it bib has a elastic top and bottom so it stays in place and against the skin for maximum coverage and is made out of high quality, washable terry material that keeps shape after repetitive washes.

Comfy Cone The Wipe It Drool Bib for Dogs means you can throw that dirty towel away! Made with stretchy fabric to make wiping your dog’s mouth easy and a unique design that makes finding a dry spot easy. Great for the groomers, this bib protects a clean coat and can help to muffle the sound of clippers when worn over the ears in a hooded position. For those vet visits, this bib can help keep the skin clean from vomit or post-sugary drainage and can help to soothe around hotspots on the neck or chest. Available in small, medium, large and extra-large.

Why We Recommend Comfy Cone The Wipe It Drool Bib for Dogs:

  • Helps to keep your dog clean and dry
  • Perfect for heavy droolers or messy drinkers
  • Made with elastic on top and bottom to help keep in place
  • Stretchy, terry fabric that is easy to clean
  • Great for grooming and vet trips
  • For dogs of all sizes and breeds


Small: 20.5″

Medium: 21.5″

Large: 24″

Extra-Large: 26.75″


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