BULLWRINKLES Bully Sticks – Treats for Dogs



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Bullwrinkles Bully Sticks Dog Chews are an all natural and delicious treat for your dog. They are made from dehydrated bull and steer pizzle. These treats are an excellent rawhide alternative, and are loved by dogs everywhere. They are also rich and chewy, making them a treat that can last for hours. Bullwrinkles Bully Sticks are recommended for all dogs, including those with seperation anxiety. This is because they give your dog something to focus on for long periods of time. They’re a low fat treat that is high in protein, too. These chews are also easy for dogs to digest, and help promote good dental health.
Why We Recommend Bullwrinkles Bully Sticks:

A low fat treat that is also high in protein
An all natural, dehydrated chew, made entirely from bull or steer pizzle
A rich and delicious alternative to raw hides
Dogs can’t resist these treats!
A great way to entertain your dog for long periods of time


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