Eyenimal Pet Fountain


The Eyenimal Pet Fountain is a great option to get your small dog or cat excited about drinking water. As you may know, staying hydrated plays a major role in the overall health of your pet. Dehydrating can lead to serious problems, causing problems such as urinary tract infections, a common, yet uncomfortable experience for you pet. This pet fountain prevents the water from going stagnant, enticing your cat or dog to drink more through sound and motion.

With a durable pump, you’re ensured a quality product to hold strong for years to come. If you are looking for something that’ll keep your pet hydrated and healthy, look no further than the Eyenimal Pet Fountain!

Why We Recommend The Eyenimal Pet Fountain:

  • Promotes drinking habits
  • Entices your small dog or cat to stay hydrated
  • Hydration reduces the risk of UTI’s and more health problems
  • High quality pump, built to last
  • Great for both cats and small dogs




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