Rogz NightCat Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar



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Rogz NightCat Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar is a stylish cat collar that fits most adult cats. This cat collar is great for day and night use and is fully adjustable based on your cat’s weight.

Rogz NightCat Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar is reflective so you can see your cat when in lowlight visibility. This collar has a breakaway load buckle that allows your cat to break free of the collar in case he is caught on something. This collar also comes with a removable bell that allows you to hear your cat approaching. This stylish cat collar is available in black, blue, orange, purple and lime. This collar fits necks that are between 8 – 12 inches around. Keep your cat safe and visible with this NightCat cat collar. Made in South Africa and ships Canada-wide.

Why We Recommend Rogz NightCat Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar:

  • Reflective collar for night visibility
  • Breakaway load buckle for safety
  • Adjustable based on weight of cat
  • Removable bell
  • Fits cats with a neck between 8-12 inches
  • Available in black paws, blue flowers, orange birds, purple heart birds and lime birds
  • Made in South Africa


8-12″ Neck


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