NaturVet Pet Organics No Go!™ Spray


NaturVet Pet Organics No Go!™ Spray helps to housebreak your pet from soiling in the same places. This fresh scented spray contains clove and garlic oil and is to be used after your pet has soiled a specific spot.

NaturVet Pet Organics No Go!™ Spray is a repellent and eliminated the smell of urine so your pet will not revisit the same spot. Made with no harsh chemicals, this product is great for plants, Christmas trees, walls and certain fabric. Make sure to test on a inconspicuous area on fabric before use. Available in a 16 oz. spray bottle and made in the USA. Ships Canada-wide.

Why We Recommend NaturVet Pet Organics No Go!™ Spray:

  • Helps to housebreak pets
  • Eliminates the smell of urine
  • Garlic and clove smell is used as a repellent
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Fresh fragrance
  • Made in the USA


Purified Water and Glycerine. (Total inerts 98.5%)

Clove Oil (0.9%), Garlic Oil (0.5%), Sodium Chloride (0.1%)


Clean soiled area thoroughly (no ammonia) then spray with No Go! Repeat if necessary. On walls or other flat surfaces, tape a cloth on surface before spraying. No Go! has a fresh scent when first applied, then odorless when dry.


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