Carlyle Just Tuna Canned Cat Food

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Carlyle Just Tuna Canned Cat Food is a delicious pâté that contains only 4 healthy ingredients! This wild-caught tuna is packed with water and fortified with vitamin E and taurine.

Carlyle Just Tuna Canned Cat Food contains both light and dark tuna cats love! This canned dish is part of a limited ingredient diet, is grain-free and has less mercury then regular store tuna, making it a delicious meal you and your cat will both love. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that help’s minimize pollution’s effects and helps keep your cat’s body strong. Added taurine, an important amino acid, is great for your cat’s vision, heart and reproduction and kitten health. This tuna plate contains no corn, wheat or soy and is a delicious meal or snack all cat’s will love. Available in a case of 24 cans and ships Canada-wide.

Why We Recommend Carlyle Just Tuna Canned Cat Food:

  • Contains only light and dark tuna meat
  • Only 2 ingredients, great for a limited ingredient diet
  • Added taurine for vision, heart and reproduction health
  • Vitamin E to keep your cat’s body strong
  • Grain-free and less mercury then regular tuna
  • Available in a case of 24


Tuna, water



3 reviews for Carlyle Just Tuna Canned Cat Food

  1. linda shum (verified owner)

    My cat is very fussy when eating canned tuna. I bought several brands of tuna for her to try, she would rather starve than finishing the ones she hated. But when come to Carlyle Just Tuna, she not just finish the plate, she also licked the can so clean, I don’t need to wash it.

  2. Allen Langstaff (verified owner)

    I have 3 cats of varying ages and they all agree on only one thing – they love Carlyle Just Tuna Canned Cat Food. I have tried many other brands of tuna and this is the one they prefer above all others. They are healthy and happy, with soft fur and bright eyes, so as long as they love it, I will make sure they have all they want.

  3. ELLE MORGAN (verified owner)

    My cats LOVE this food.
    The only reason not rated perfect is that you need a can opener to open it. No snap top.

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