FIBERCORE Eco-Litter and Box for Cats

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What Is Eco-Litter & Box?TM

Self-Contained & 100% Disposable

Built-In Neutralizing Agent: Special built-in neutralizing agents eliminate offensive odors.
Never Touch the Litter: Unfolds for instant use and easily reseals for convenient disposal.
Perfect for the Cat: Eco-Litter is comfortable and healthy for your cat. It’s all natural.
More Sanitary Than Litter: Eco-Litter is dust-free and helps prevent common cat illnesses. It also contains an anti-bacterial moisture barrier pad for extra protection.
Healthier for recently declawed and post surgery cats.
Ecological: Recyclable contents are environmentally friendly and break down easily.

Break carton seal and lift from the top

The litter box unfolds and is ready to use

The litter box folds down for easy disposal


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