LITTER KWITTER Cat Toilet Training System

$59.99 CAD


The Litter Kwitter is the world’s best system for training your cat to use the toilet. In fact, you can train your cat to use a human toilet in 8 weeks or less! This is an excellent and effective way to get rid of the cat litter box for good. This means no more mess, germs, and odours that are are associated with cat litter box maintenance. This is an easy to use training system. The Litter Kwitter comes with a standard sized seat that fits most toilets, too. It has been expertly designed by animal behaviourists, and is also promoted by vets and breeders.
Why We Recommend It:

An easy to use system
Fits most standard toilets
Also very affordable
An excellent way to remove odours and maintenance normally associated with litter boxes
Quit the litter box forever!


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