Snappy Tom Lavender Silica Crystal Cat Litter



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Snappy Tom Lavender Silica Crystal Cat Litter will keep your cat’s litter box smelling fresh. This all natural litter effectively neutralizes odours by rapidly absorbing liquids. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria, making it a safer option than some traditional litters. It’s non toxic, and free from artificial dyes. Plus, it leave a refreshing, calming lavender scent.

Snappy Tom Lavender Silica Crystal Cat Litter is non-tracking, so your kitty won’t make big messes outside of their box. It’s also very lightweight and efficient, which means it creates less waste. Silica litters often need to be changed and cleaned less than traditional litters, too. Each crystal has a plethora of microscopic pores that absorb liquids and trap odours with ease. This formula is available in a 2 KG or 4 KG size.

Why We Recommend Snappy Tom Lavender Silica Crystal Cat Litter:

  • An exceptionally high quality litter
  • Silica traps moisture and odour via thousands of tiny pores
  • A small amount of litter lasts a long time
  • Non tracking
  • Free from artificial dyes
  • Lovely lavender scent


Silica crystals, lavender scent


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