Fresh News Cat Litter

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Fresh News Cat Litter is a premium quality paper cat litter. This paper litter provides superior absorption compared to clay based litters, and also controls odours better than most leading brands. Soiled paper litter is easy to scoop, as it becomes much larger than unused litter pellets. You never have to worry about this litter tracking through the house, as it does not get stuck in fur.

This dust free, non-allergenic litter is made from over 99% recycled paper. I contains baking soda, which helps neutralize odours fast. Fresh News Cat Litter is eco-friendly and sustainably sources. This biodegradable litter composts well.

Why We recommend Fresh News Cat Litter:

  • An environmentally friendly paper cat litter
  • Biodegradable, sustainable, and compostable
  • Dust and allergy free, and does not track through the house
  • Also very easy to scoop!

1 review for Fresh News Cat Litter

  1. abigail wu (verified owner)

    Pretty solid and awesome stuff for the price. Really absorbent, no tracking. Of the other kinds of litters Ive tried (clay, pine, corn), this one is in the top tiers for affordability and use.

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