Cancore Crinkle Toys for Cats


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Original Crinkle Ball
Fast action fun for cats. Light, soft, and durable. Cats learn to fetch this toys. They can carry the Crinkle Ball around in their mouth, and choose to keep it close by for instant play.
An absolute favourite among all cats. This toy will get your cat active and keep them exercising. The patented Crinkle Ball is made of 100% acrylic fibers and acetate for the ultimate in safety, there is no Mylar in any of our products. This toy is a Must Have!!!
Made in Canada
Crinkle Ball
Item # 400: Crinkle Ball Available 24 per Container

Crinkle Ball with Elastic
The Original CrinkleBall is attached to an elastic so you can play with your cat all day long. Watch your cat jump through the air trying to catch this one. The elastic stretches well over 10 feet without breaking.
A Crinkleball on a stretchy bungee cord. Kittens have the energy and older cats become wild with this super fun cat toy. You will have fun watching your cat jump for this one!
Made in Canada

Item # 500: Crinkle Ball with Elastic
Available 24 per Container

24″ Tantalizer
Playing with your cat is a wonderful bonding experience, and has never been so fun. Even if your cat doesn’t play with other toys, they go totally crazy over this durable cat toy. It is sure to please.
The Original Crinkle Ball is attached to a 24 inch rod with a 24 inch bungee cord, so you can teazzz your cat for hours.
Made in Canada
tantalizer 24: cat toy
Item #600: 24″ Tantalizer
Available 12 per Tube

Breeder Wand 16″
A 16 inch flexible rod, secured to the tip of a Crinkle Ball. Catch kitties attention while waiting for their turn to shine.
A happy cat is always a winner. Ribbon or not this toy is a prize. Not only will your cat have fun with this toy but you will enjoy teasing your cat.
Made in Canada
Breeder Wand Cat toy
Item # 800: Breeder Wand
Available 12 per Tube

Mini Crinkle ball
The chase is on. Cats freak over this soft durable Mini CrinkleBall. Cat lovers often purchase ten or more of these little gems.
We have incredibly sold fifty to individual cat owners at one time. A devoted cat owner purchased 100 at one time. A must have. Great work out toy.
The Mini CrinkleBall is perfect for kittens because they are light weight and soft.
Made in Canada
Mini crinkle Ball
Item # 900: Mini Crinkle Ball
Available in 50 per Container


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