Fuzzu Mice Tea Cat Toy


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The Fuzzu Mice Tea Cat Toy is an adorable toy that your feline friend will love. This toy is jammed with tantalizing catnip that’s sure to entice every kitty. You’ll love the adorable mouse in a cup of tea, and your cat will love flipping and tossing this toy about. It’s ultra durable, for a fun toy that outlasts it’s competition.

The Fuzzu Mice Tea Cat Toy is designed to keep your cat engaged and entertained. Plus, it appeals to your cat’s natural desire to hunt and stalk their prey. Providing your cat with fun toys is an excellent way of preventing boredom, as well as keeping your cat active. Increased activity contributes to better mental health, heart health, and maintenance of a health weight.

Why We Recommend The Fuzzu Mice Tea Cat Toy:

  • An adorable design
  • Loaded with enticing catnip
  • A great way to keep your cat entertained
  • Highly durable


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