Eyenimal Crazy Ribbons Interactive Cat Toy


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The Eyenimal Crazy Ribbons Interactive Cat Toy provide endless, self-sufficient fun for your cat! This battery powered, fully interactive toy is the perfect option for bored house cats looking to stay out of trouble! The rotating ribbons keep your cat entertained, while bringing out their primal instincts! This doesn’t only make for a great mental challenge, but also promotes healthy weight rituals to keep your cat feeling their best.

2 speeds ensure that your cat can play at a pace that matches their agility and fitness level. If you’re looking for something that your little friend is sure to love, look no further than the Eyenimal Crazy Ribbons Interactive Cat Toy!

Why We Recommend Eyenimal Crazy Ribbons Interactive Cat Toy:

  • Allows your cat to play self-sufficiently
  • Promotes exercise and healthy weight
  • 2 speeds to fit any cats agility level
  • Keeps your cat out of boredom induced trouble
  • Great mental and physical challenge


One Colour (black/white)


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