Eyenimal Rolling Ball Interactive Pet Toy


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The Eyenimal Rolling Ball Interactive Pet Toy is the ultimate way to keep your cat or small dog self-entertained. This battery powered ball moves sporadically around the floor, encouraging your pet to chase, play and exercise until their heart is content. Not only will this keep your pet out of trouble, but it will also help combat weight related issues! Worried about the ball knocking into items around your house? Well, you don’t have to! Built in sensors make for object-avoiding technology. This means all play, no damage!

Rare, hard to find batteries are non-existent. The Eyenimal Rolling Ball is powered by any 1.5V AA battery.

Why We Recommend The Eyenimal Rolling Ball Interactive Pet Toy:

  • Encourages exercise to promote healthy weight
  • Allows for a self-sufficient form of play for your pet
  • Great for both cats and small dogs
  • Easy to find batteries
  • Object avoidance
  • Unlimited fun


One Colour (Black/White)


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