Hamro Village Ball Cat Toy


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Hamro Village Ball Cat Toy is a handmade toy, great for all cats. These toys are made from solid felt that is completely seamless, with no loose stuffing.

Hamro Village Ball Cat Toy has natural stuffing, that if swallowed, is 100% digestible. These felt balls are super resilient, comfortable to bite and great for keeping your cat’s teeth healthy and clean. Available in yellow 4-pack, blue 4-pack, polka dot 6-pack and natural 3-pack. Made in Canada by a Canadian company dedicated to supporting marginalized artisans.

Why We Recommend Hamro Village Ball Cat Toy:

  • 4 cm, great size for all cats
  • Handmade by Canadian artisans
  • Made from 100% felted wool
  • Seamless design
  • Resilient
  • Comfortable to bite and great for dental health
  • Available in various colours


Spot-clean with damp sponge and soap, or with a textile stain remover.
Do not machine wash. Do not iron. Do not bleach.


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