Orijen Tundra Freeze Dried Cat Treats

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Orijen Tundra Freeze Dried Cat Treats are a delicious and nutritious way to reward your feline friend. Made entirely of meat, these treats are completely natural and focus on tundra-dwelling animals. This includes goat, venison, arctic char, and also wild boar. These treats are also grain free and carbohydrate free, making them a biologically ideal treat for your cat.
All of the meats in these treats arrive at Orijen’s kitchen daily, so your cat is getting the freshest possible ingredients. The meats used in these cat treats are gently freeze dried, and are never cooked. This locks in natural tasty flavours, and also maintains all of the good nutrients and vitamins. Your cat will absolutely love the meaty taste of these treats!
Why We Recommend It:

Naturally delicious, cats love it
Made with only fresh meat, no other ingredients
Freeze dried, and never cooked
Naturally nutrient dense
Grain free and carbohydrate free

Fresh wild boar liver (24%), fresh wild boar (24%), fresh goat liver (12%), fresh venison liver (12%) fresh goat (12%), fresh venison (12%), fresh arctic char (4%)
Comes in a 35 gram/ 1.25 ounce pouch.


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