Clear Conscience Pet Super Gravy is a pretty unique product. Available in three flavours: PawJus, Barkinara, and Arfredo, this high-quality food topper is nutrient dense, all-natural, and free from unhealthy ingredients. There are many uses for a gravy like this, too. Use it as a broth, a gravy, food softener or topper, or even as a healthier way to reconstitute dehydrated raw food.

Since their inception in 2010, Clear Conscience Pet Gravies have won more than 20 prestigious industry awards, including the Family Choice Awards, Pet Age Green Spirit Award, Inventory Essentials Awards, and more. It’s easy to see why this innovative product is becoming so popular.

Each flavour of Clear Conscious Pet Gravy is made exclusively from carefully chosen, nutrient-dense natural wholefoods. This includes beef or chicken liver, chia seeds, fresh veggies, sea kelp, tomatoes, greek yogurt, and Italian cheeses. Digestive enzymes and probiotics are also added for an additional health boost.

What you won’t find in Clear Conscience Pet gravies are grains or gluten, GMO ingredients, glycerin, artificial preservatives, artificial flavours, or artificial colours.

All Super Gravy formulas are designed to promote optimal digestion by improving your dog’s gut health. Digestive enzymes and probiotics help to improve the healthy bacteria living in the gut, while breaking down food more efficiently. Because only whole, natural foods are used, every ingredient is easily digestible, providing nutrition in a highly bio-absorbable form. Using a gravy combined with your dog’s food will increase their overall digestibility and nutrient profile.

How can Super Gravy can be used to help my dog?

The most popular use for Super Gravy is as a food topper. Food toppers and enhancers are used for many different reasons. Most commonly, they are used to stimulate the appetite of fussy eaters. Say goodbye to boring meal times, as picky pups will fall head-over-heels for a rich, creamy gravy. Super Gravy can be poured over the top of kibble or mixed in thoroughly. Let the gravy sit for a few minutes before serving for better taste enhancement.

Another great use for Super Gravy is for rehydrating dried raw foods. When used to rehydrate dried raw foods versus water alone, Super Gravy adds substantially more vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to every meal.  Plus, adding Super Gravy to dehydrated raw foods adds a powerful flavour boost.

A third great option for using Super Gravy is to create a between-meals broth. Broths are becoming increasingly popular among today’s pet owners wanting to not only keep their pets hydrated, but to boost their nutrition throughout the day. Super Gravy broths also provide a delicious drink alternative when offered alongside fresh, clean water.

There are many food gravies on the market; from your low-end food toppers made from artificial ingredients, to more wholesome, all-natural options. Clear Conscience Pet Gravies offer tremendous value, as they sit in the mid-range price, yet are among the best quality food toppers available to pets in Canada. If you have a fussy eater, and struggle to keep their food motivation piqued, Super Gravy would be a great option. If you simply want to ensure your pooch is getting all the nutrition they need, Super Gravy would also be a smart choice. Who would have thought a simple gravy could do so much?

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