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Canada Pooch Wellies dog boots

$19.99 CAD$32.99 CAD



Canada Pooch Wellies dog boots are both stylish and functional. These dog boots are made of durable silicone rubber, to keep your pup’s feet dry no matter the weather. They’re also super soft, and well fitting for all breeds of dog. Choose from lined boots, for extra warmth in the winter months, or unlined boots for fall and spring rain. These lightweight boots are perfect for any terrain. Protect your dog’s paws form salt, rain, snow, and also mud with these easy-on boots! Canada Pooch Wellies dog boots have a large opening, making them easy to slip your dogs paws in. Then, simply secure them with the attached velcro.

With dog standing, measure from the front edge of the small pads to the back edge of the large pad (do not include the nails).

Fits Paw Size L x W

  • X-Small: 1.5″(3.8cm) L x 1.1″(2.8cm) W
  • Small: 1.7″(4.3cm) L x 1.25″(3.2cm) W
  • Medium: 1.9″(4.8cm) L x 1.4″(3.5cm) W
  • Large: 2″(5.1cm) L x 1.6″(4cm) W
  • X-Large: 2.25″(5.7cm) L x 1.7″(4.3cm) W
  • XX-Large: 2.5″(6.4cm) L x 2″(5.1cm) W
  • XXX-Large: 2.75″(7cm) L x 2.2″(5.5cm) W
  • XXXX-Large: 3″(7.6cm) L x 2.4″(6.1cm) W
  • XXXXX-Large: 3.25″(8.3m) L x 2.6″(6.6cm) W


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