OURPETS Durapet® Premium Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

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Durapet® Premium Stainless Steel
Durapet Bowls are made of high quality, heavy-duty stainless steel with a permanently molded rubber ring in the base that prevents sliding and undesirable noise. They are dishwasher safe and the rubber ring will not come off.
“Unlike plastic bowls that may harbor bacteria or leach toxic plasticizers and colorants when they come in contact with food, Durapet Bowls are hygienic and will prove more economical in the long run when compared with plastic dishes.  Durapet cat dishes are now available and feature a more narrow profile for toy dog breeds and cats. All Durapet bowls feature a lifetime warranty.”

“I have a 14 week old German Shepherd Puppy who has a broken leg, and we are trying to keep her as quiet as possible.  I have been feeding her breakfast in her crate and one morning she was just too quiet after breakfast.  I looked in on her to find her seriously chewing on the blue rubber ring on the bottom of the bowl.  That bowl works so well for my adult dogs I hurried to take it away from her sure to find it destroyed by those puppy teeth.  To my surprise she barely left marks in it.  The entire blue ring is still intact with only minor scratch marks here and there.  What a durable great bowl to hold up to that kind of abuse.  Thanks!”
– Ingrid


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