Tri-Stage Stainless Steel Double Diner Dog Dish

$59.99 CAD


The Tri-Stage Stainless Steel Double Diner for Dogs is a durable raised food and water dish set. It is unique, as it will grow with your pet. Start off on the lowest setting for puppies and shorter breed dogs, where the dishes will be 4″ from the ground.. Then, as your dog grows, raise it to the middle setting, at 8″ above the ground. If your dog becomes taller, you can then increase it to the tallest setting, at 15″ above the ground. It is dishwasher safe, and easy to maintain, too. Simply wipe clean with warm, soapy water.

Buy Tri-Stage Stainless Steel Double Diner online in Canada from Canadian Pet Connection

This high quality dog dish set is designed to last, and will serve your pet for many years to come. It is also Veterinarian recommended,  as it is Raising your dogs food and water dishes improves digestion and posture. It also provides more comfortable feeding for most breeds and sizes of dogs. This is a perfect product for senior dogs, and also for those with joint or bone problems. The base of the frame is rubber tipped, making it slip proof, too. It is lightweight, and also stylish.


Why We Recommend the Tri-Stage Stainless Steel Double Diner:

  • A durable feeding system, made from stainless steel
  • Elevated to make feeding more comfortable for your dog
  • Great for all dogs, including those with joint problems
  • Easy to clean and lightweight


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