The Thunderleash Dog Calming Leash


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The Thunderleash Dog Calming Leash is a smart, easy, and also effective way to decrease over-activity during walks. This is excellent for dogs who get anxious during walks, and also for dogs that tend to pull the leash. This adaptable product easily converts from a leash to a no-pull harness. It is designed with safety in mind, and will never over-tighten. If you’re going on a short walk or just need a standard leash, it easily connects to their collar. Or, wrap it around their torso and through the harness slot, to create the perfect dog calming harness.
The Thunderleash Dog Calming Leash works by applying mild pressure when your dog pulls, which quickly corrects their unwanted behaviour. It is cleverly designed. This dog calming leash is strong and durable, and is designed to last a very long time. It is highly recommended by dog trainers and behaviour specialists, too!

Why We Recommend The Thunderleash Dog Calming Leash:

  • Safe, effective, and easy to use
  • Effectively calms dogs during walk to prevent unwanted behaviour
  • Converts easily from a leash to a harness
  • Durable, high quality dog calming product
  • Recommended by trainers and specialists


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