Earth Rated Outdoor Dog Poop Scooper

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The Earth Rated Outdoor Dog Poop Scooper is a high quality pooper scooper – designed to ergonomic and also safe for grass. This light weight scooper is made with durable aluminum. It’s also taller than many popular scoopers, making it easier to use, without the need to bend down. The handle of this dog poop scooper features a unique locking function that keeps it open during cleaning – how convenient!

The Earth Rated Outdoor Dog Poop Scooper is carefully designed and tested. It uses innovative jaws that slide off of grass instead of damaging or pulling on it. This is the perfect solution for backyard cleanups, without the need for bags. Even better – this product is proudly made in Canada!
Why We Recommend The Earth Rated Outdoor Dog Poop Scooper:

A lightweight, aluminium construction
Taller than most other brands, eliminating the need to bend
Locks open for easy cleaning
Highly durable and carefully crafted
Doesn’t damage grass, either!
A proudly Canadian product


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