OUTWARD HOUND Auto Front Seat Safety Barrier

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Front Seat Pet Car Barrier from Outward Hound
Help to keep your dog in the back seat with a dog vehicle barrier.
The Front Seat Pet Car Barrier from Outward Hound is super simple to use.
Help to keep your dog from climbing onto the front center console with the Front Seat Pet Car Barrier from Outward Hound. Made from rectangular canvas-like material, this barrier blocks the center area between seats. To attach it, simply wrap the top straps around the headrests of your front seats and wrap the bottom straps around the body of your front seats. The straps are adjustable in length and so will fit almost any vehicle. Measures 15″ W x 18″ H. This barrier is best for small to medium sized dogs, but can work with any sized dog if they are not inclined to try to jump over it.
Important Notes:This dog vehicle barrier can be circumvented by a determined dog. It does not go all the way to the floor and so will not work if you do not have a center console to block the bottom gap.
Safety:The dog vehicle barrier has two possible safety considerations. Firstly, it may help to keep your dog in the back seat so that he does not distract the driver. Secondly, in the event of a car accident your dog may be prevented from getting thrown into the front seats or into the windsheild if the barrier is in place. Please note, however, that the barrier may not always prevent this from happening.


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