Canada Pooch Rugged Rest Go! Travel Dog Bed



The Canada Pooch Rugged Rest Go! Travel Dog Bed is the ultimate option for adventurous dogs and owners! No more carrying around bulky, heavy dog beds. This bed was specifically designed to minimize it’s footprint, fitting a full size dog bed into a small roll with handle. The top has dig and chew proof fabric, for those dogs who seem to play with their bed more than sleep on it. Planning to go off the beaten path? No problem! The Rugged Rest Go offers a water resistant outer shell that is machine washable. So no matter what your dog throws at it, the bed will hold its ground!

On top of this, the Canada Pooch Rugged Rest Go Dog Bed can fit seamlessly into standard cage sizes. Available in Medium and Large, you will have a compact bed while traveling and a spacious one while open. If you’re looking for a travel friendly, comfortable dog bed – look no further than this!

Why We Recommend The Canada Pooch Rugged Rest Go! Travel Dog Bed:

  • Dig and chew resistant
  • Compact, travel friendly format
  • Pure comfort
  • Water resistant
  • Machine washable outer shell
  • Easy wipe, non-slip bottom

Size Chart:

Medium: Length, 91cm. Width, 61cm | Large: Length, 122cm. Width, 76cm


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