WAHL Deluxe U Clip Dog Clippers


WAHL Deluxe U Clip Dog Clippers make home grooming easy. It comes with everything you need to start grooming at home, including an instructional DVD. The easy-to-adjust cutting lengths of #30-#15-#10 standard are available with the adjustable blade. It also includes finishing scissors for your dog’s face, paws, and sensitive areas.

WAHL Deluxe U Clip Dog Clippers are corded, so they’ll keep going as long as you need them. These lightweight clippers are ideals for all breeds and most fur types. It comes with a series of combs that make it easy to find the right cut. Two year manufacturer’s warranty. Made in the USA.

Why We Recommend WAHL Deluxe U Clip Dog Clippers:

  • Includes everything you need to groom at home
  • Adjustable standard blade and combs are perfect for any fur type
  • Includes instructional grooming DVD
  • Also includes finishing scissors


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