Tropiclean OxyMed Anti Itch Spray for Pets


Tropiclean OxyMed Anti Itch Spray is a straightforward way to eliminate your pets scratching! A variety of reasons can flare up itching throughout your pets, including things such as dry and flaky skin. With a simple spray, this formula effectively moisturizes effected areas relieving your furry friend of their itching and scratching. Unlike other options, this spray alleviates the itching immediately.

Additionally, this is a soap free anti itch spray so no rinsing is needed and the oatmeal base soothes hot spots! If you want the ultimate combo, make sure to pair this up with a Tropiclean shampoo available here at Canadian Pet Connection!

Why We Recommend The Tropiclean OxyMed Anti Itch Spray:

  • Alleviates itching immediately
  • Moisturizes dry and flaky skin
  • Oatmeal soothes hot spots
  • Great for both cats and dogs
  • Paraben and dye free





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