Tropiclean Spa Fresh Cologne for Pets



Tropiclean Spa Fresh Cologne for Pets provides your pet with a refreshing scent that eliminates harsh odours! This formula is comprised of a variety nutrient rich ingredients, as well as floral distillates. These floral distillates work their way down to your pets fur, nourishing and moisturizing the surface to combat itching and dry skin. On top of this, this product will rejuvenate their coat for a soft, fresh cuddle buddy.

The light fragrance of flowers and cucumber give off a relaxing and pleasant sent, while removing stingy smells. Better yet, this spray also offers UV protection to block out harmful rays and keep your pet safe! If you’re looking for a great product to make your pet feel, look and smell their best,  check out Tropiclean Spa Fresh Cologne for Pets.

Why We Recommend Tropiclean Spa Fresh Cologne for Pets:

  • Neutralizes odours
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Fresh yet gentle sent
  • Rich in nutrients that benefit your pets coat
  • Provides UV ray protection


8oz, 1 gallon


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