Grober Pets PuppyGro Milk Replacer


Grober Pets PuppyGro Milk Replacer offers complete nutrition for nursing pups. It contains the perfect balance of 30% protein and 33% fat, as well as all of the nutrients and vitamins required for healthfully rearing newborns. This convenient powdered formula makes it easy to feed litters of any size.

Grober Pets PuppyGro Milk Replacer provides a consistent source of nutrition that is fortified with calcium and phosphorus. It’s very easy to use, and safe for puppies of all breeds. Plus, this product is proudly made in Canada. Available in a 450 g bag.

Why We Recommend Grober Pets PuppyGro Milk Replacer:

  • A nutritionally complete powdered rearing formula
  • Provides total nutrition for all newborn puppies
  • Fortified with calcium and phosphorus
  • Easy to use
  • Proudly made in Canada

Guaranteed Analysis:

CRUDE FAT 33% min
CRUDE FIBRE 0.15% max
ASH 6.5% max
CALCIUM 1.2% actual
PHOSPHORUS 0.8% actual
How to mix:
  1. Measure 1 level scoop of milk replacer and mix with 2 scoops (30mL) of hot (60°C) water.
  2. Mix thoroughly for 30 seconds, or until well incorporated.
  3. Allow milk replacer to cool slightly, feeding at body temperature (38°C). To mix total daily amount, keep refrigerated for up to 24 hours in clean sealed container. Reheat by warm water bath.

Feeding Guide:


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