Coastline Global CheckUp At-Home Wellness Urine Test for Dogs


Coastline Global CheckUp At-Home Wellness Urine Test for Dogs is a great way to keep an eye on your dog’s health at home, recommended for aging and overweight dogs. This kit is quick, simple and reliable, observing your dog’s general wellness through at-home urine testing. This test is great for detecting common illnesses like diabetes (glucose), kidney condition (protein), urinary tract infection (pH) and blood in the urine.

Coastline Global CheckUp At-Home Wellness Urine Test for Dogs is non-invasive and stress-free for you and your dog. This kit comes with 1 disposable cup, 1 detachable metal ring, 1 telescopic pole, 2 testing strips, 1 sample collection vial and 1 sample collection pipette. This kit will save you money on vet visits but should not be used to treat serious ongoing serious conditions. Recommended by top veterinarians and made in the USA.

Why We Recommend Coastline Global CheckUp At-Home Wellness Urine Test for Dogs:

  • Easy way to keep up with your dog’s health
  • Great for older dogs and those with weight problems etc.
  • Makes at-home urine testing quick, simple and reliable
  • Non-invasive and stress-free on your dog
  • Kit comes with everything you need to test the urine and determine results
  • Recommended by top vets


  1. Attach the metal ring to the telescopic pole by rotating
  2. Pull the metal ring to extend the pole and place the cup in it
  3. Catch the sample while dog is urinating and bring it home for testing
  4. Fill the vial at least 3/4 way using pipette
  5. Simply dip the strip into the vial and make sure all squares are submerged
  6. Quickly place the strip next to the results card and read instructions on card
  7. If necessary, close the vial with the cap and keep sample in the refrigerator
  8. If test shows positive take to vet for further testing


  • We recommend keeping your dog on a non-retractable leash to ensure you are in close proximity when they begin to urinate.
  • It is extremely important to read the results according to the outlined time frames.
  • Please note that the colors on the diagnostic strip will continuously change.
  • Sample can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours before being taken for further evaluation.
  • CheckUp is a single-use product and should not be reused


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