Tropiclean OxyMed Hypo Allergenic Spray for Pets


Tropiclean OxyMed Hypo Allergenic Spray is designed specially for cats and dogs with extra-sensitive skin and allergies. This spray works immediately to target and soothe the source of irritation. Not only does this prevent typical itching, it also targets dandruff, inflammation and overall redness. Yes, this spray is effective, but it also is gentle so it is safe to use on both puppies and kittens!

Once this oatmeal infused spray is massaged into your pets fur, they will feel like a new cat or dog! If you have a sensitive pet who struggles with allergy related blemishes, Tropiclean OxyMed Hypo Allergenic Spray is just for them!

Why We Recommend Tropiclean OxyMed Hypo Allergenic Spray:

  • Formulated to benefit dogs and cats prone to allergies
  • Alleviates itching and irritation
  • Combats dandruff, inflammation and redness
  • Oatmeal based moisturizer
  • Safe for both puppies and kittens




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