Tropiclean Spa Paw and Pad Treatment


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Tropiclean Spa Paw and Pad Treatment is the ultimate product bring life into cracked, sore paws! With a mixture of high quality ingredients such as oatmeal, this treatment dives deep, thoroughly moisturizing your pets paws to alleviate uncomfortable cracks and heal damaged pads. Additional nutrients such a vitamin b5 and vitamin e aid this process as well.

On top of this products amazing healing qualities, it will leave your pet with the wonderful scent of vanilla. If you’re looking for a product that will give your pets paws the resurgence that they need to feel great, look no further than Tropiclean Spa Paw and Pad Treatment.

Why We Recommend Tropiclean Spa Paw and Pad Treatment:

  • Rejuvenates your pets paws through nutrient rich ingredients
  • Oatmeal helps soothe cracks and hydrates the pad of the paw
  • Combats cracks and sores
  • Rich in vitamin b5 and e
  • Aromatic vanilla scent


8oz, 1 gallon


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