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Thundershirt Calming Cap for dogs

$29.89 CAD

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The Thundershirt Calming Cap for dogs is an innovative dog calming product that will help your dog through stressful situations. For many reasons, dogs sometimes experience anxiety, shyness, or fearfulness. This could be because of meeting new people or animals, going on car rides, visits to a veterinarian, or even separation anxiety. Dogs may react aggressively uncontrollably in these situations. The Thundercap helps stop these reactions from happening. This calming cap is also great for regular grooming such as nail trims.
Buy Thundershirt Calming Cap for dogs online in Canada
While this cap is not a blindfold, it does greatly reduce visual stimulation. It decreases opportunities for your dog to become agitated, by filtering out what they can see. There is a single panel sheer window which allows your dog to see just enough to be able to comfortably move around. The thundercap is made of soft, elastic fabric, and is also quite comfortable. It is also easily adjustable. This helps your pet to relax and cope with what is going on around them.

Why We Recommend The Thundershirt Calming Cap for dogs:

  • Soft, comfortable, and durable
  • Easily adjustable
  • Effectively helps reduce stress and anxiety for most dogs
  • Reduces visual stimulation, which decreases instances of aggressive reactive behaviours
  • Calms dogs that are suffering from stress and anxiety
  • Can also be used alongside the thundershirt



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