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Keep Leba III at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Give pet no water, no food or anything that could dilute Leba III,1/2 hr before and 1/2 hr after treatment. Prevent grooming aftertreatment so that Leba III will remain in the mouth. For best results use no other dental products while using Leba III.If you wish to brush your pet’s teeth use only water on the toothbrush.
ADMINISTRATION: Spray Leba III in the pet’s mouth,on the tongue area. Leba III will mix with the saliva,and all the teeth and gums will receive treatment.
QUANTITY: – pets under 22kg/50lbs : 1 spray per treatment- pets over 22kg/50lbs : 2 sprays per treatment
FREQUENCY:To clean teeth initially give treatments twice a day, morning and night. It willtake more or less time depending on the breed, age and genetics. You should seeimprovement in 4 to 6 weeks but continue twice a day until the teeth are all clean. Then proceed with the maintenance program.
MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: Every pet has a different chemistry & their maintenance schedule will vary.After the initial cleaning, space out the treatments gradually, until you find the necessaryfrequency for your pet. Some pets will require daily treatment while others may require less often.If the tartar comes back increase the frequency.
INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, Ethyl alcohol 25%, Lamiaceae and Rosaceae.Each bottle contains approximately 240 sprays.

If your pet does not like the spray
you can try these different methods:

1: Eye dropper or syringe from the plastic cap :
– Spray in the plastic cap.
– Pick up the liquid with a sterile eye dropper or a syringe (no needle) and put it in the mouth, on the tongue.
2: From the plastic cap pour in the mouth :
– Spray in the plastic cap.
– Pour the contents in the mouth when the pet is lying on his side. Part the lips, there is a space between the molars.
3: Instructions for use with eye dropper and distilled water :
Your pet should have no food, no water or anything else in the mouth 1/2 hour before and1/2 hour after the treatment
You will need; -1 sterile glass eye dropper to replace the spray top -1 sterile plastic syringe (without a needle)- distilled water
In 1 cup: – put 4 drops of Leba III if pet is under 50 pounds or- put 8 drops of Leba III if pet is over 50 pounds – add 1/4 to 1/2 ml of distilled waterDraw up the mixture in the plastic syringe & spray it in the mouth. When putting the eye dropper back into the Leba III solution make sure that it was not contaminated by touching pet or anything else.Do not put eye dropper in the pet’s mouth and then in the Leba III bottle, that would contaminate the whole bottle.


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