BIOLOGIC BOOK Your Dog’s Health by Franco Cavaleri


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Your Dog’s Health is written by Franco Cavaleri, a leading expert in pet health and nutrition. If you are interested in taking a natural and holistic approach to your pet’s health, this book is a must-read. Cavaleri focuses on raw food diets for pets, and believes they are best for optimal canine health. However, he also discusses finding optimal health through canned food and kibble based diets. Your Dog’s Health goes into depth about supplementation, and also talks about treating specific health and age related conditions. This easy-to-read book uses well supported science when discussing dog health and fitness. It is an excellent read for both new and long-term dog owners.
Why We Recommend It:

Well written, and also easy to read
Gives expert advice on pet health and nutrition
Discusses treating specific ailments, and also using supplements
An excellent read for all pet owners

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