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The Comfy Cone was developed out of a need for our Great Pyrenees Sabre. He had tail surgery and was sent home wearing the basic plastic cone. He was a 180lb dog and with the size he needed to wear he got stuck in doorways, he couldn’t reach his food or water and the noise the cone made every time it hit something (which was often) made him so worked up and anxious that he couldn’t calm down. Even when he would put his head in our laps wanting to be stroked he couldn’t lay flat which made it even worse. So I did what most people do, I took it off. Because there wasn’t any protection around the surgical site by morning he had to go back to the vet because his stitches opened. Because I wanted Sabre not only to heal but to do it relaxed and comfortable I made a soft collar by hand using a foam exercise mat I happened to have. When the vet saw how relaxed and how much his tail had healed she said I should market this for all dogs and cats. That was the birth of The Comfy Cone and having my vets’ step by step feedback when she used it on animals post-op or ill was invaluable for product development.The “Comfy Cone” was thoroughly tested by a numerous vet’s on their worst and most fierce patients. They used it on animals that would fight, chew, bite or do just about anything possible to get out of a plastic e-collar. So from the first hand made collar for Sabre to the The Comfy Cone” launched at the Superzoo ’07 trade show we can honestly say with confidence that it is thoroughly veterinary tested and approved and that it works!
Comfy Cone

Now you can do something nice for man’s best friend with the Comfy Cone, a healing halo of love!The Comfy Cone e-collar, the soft cone shaped e-collar for dogs and cats, has many ways to help!
The Comfy Cone…

is made of nylon fabric laminated onto 1/2 inch foam which is soft and yielding while being very sturdy and protective
veterinary tested and approved
has elastic loops to thread the pets own collar through to keep the e-collar secure in place and keeping it from being pulled off or from falling off
allows your pet to eat and drink in comfort, or collar can be folded back when eating and drinking or when checking wounds and irritations
conforms to any shape your pet passes thru
uses Velcro closures and tabs which adjust to many sizes and opens so you do not have to put pet’s head directly thru e collar.
is reversible so you can change color on the outside or change if one side gets to dirty
is both water resistant and repellent and is easy to wipe clean and dry
folds flat for easy storage
has unique reflective binding to help protect you and your pet while going outside at night for walks and bathroom breaks
is more eco friendly than the plastic e-collar!
you can even have fun with the reversible e-collar, by personalizing and decorating it with waterproof markers.

Buying the correct size e-collar is extremely important in order to give your pet the best protection to heal. We at All Four Paws have sized The Comfy Cone around the neck in inches and centimeters and in inches measured from neck to snout. The best way to make sure that your pet can not pull the collar off is to thread their collar or a strip of gauze thru the elastic loops on the neck end of “The Comfy Cone” This also helps if you need a larger size because of the neck to snout measurement but the neck is to loose.The most important measurement in selecting the correct size is neck to snout. The collar needs to come past the nose or dogs and cats can reach many parts of their bodies. Another interesting reason for the collar to go past the nose is that it acts like blinders. According to numerous vets the concept that dogs and cats need to use their peripheral vision is false, if they can’t see it they don’t know it’s there. The clear plastic e-collars can frustrate your pet even more since they think they can see something but the more they try to see what it is the more anxious they become. With The Comfy Cone your pet feels like it is in their own little space which helps them to relax and rest so they can heal faster.It is extremely important to supervise your pet when using The Comfy Cone or any e-collar for the first time. You need to see how your pet reacts to an e-collar and more importantly that you have selected the correct size. Picking the correct size for your pet is crucial for the Comfy Cone to work. The Comfy Cone must go past your pet’s nose or they will be able to reach the area that needs protection. As a responsible pet owner, never leave The Comfy Cone foldedback if you are not there to supervise. Keep in mind all pets react differently to e-collars, so please keep an eye on your pet as much as you can.


X-Small – Chihuahua sized dogs, cats & kittens
11 cm / 4.25 in

Small – Maltese, Yorkies, larger cats
14 cm / 5.75 in

Small-long – Dachshund, Jack Russells, Italian Greayhounds (neck size of small; length of medium)
20 cm / 8 in

Medium – French Bulldog, etc.
20 cm / 8 in

Large – Small labs, Australian cattle dogs, Australian Shepherd
25 cm / 10 in

X-Large – Golden’s, Shepherd’s, larger labs
30 cm / 12 in

XX-Large – Great Pyrenees, Great Danes, Shepherds & Ridgebacks with longer snouts
36.5 cm / 14.5 in

Available in black or tan


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