Acana Light and Fit Grain Free Dry Dog Food


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Acana Light and Fit Grain Free Dry Dog Food is a high quality dog food designed specifically for adult dogs over one year of age who are overweight. This is also an excellent food for dogs who are experiencing a decrease in activity to to illness or recovery. This formula limits carbohydrates and excess calories, which can lead to weight gain. It also includes low glycemic fruits and vegetables to promote healthy blood sugar levels.  Also, 65% of this food is composed of fresh meats, which promotes lean muscle mass. This biologically appropriate dog food is made using fresh, human grade ingredients. This includes delicious free-run chicken, farm fresh eggs, and also fresh caught fish.

Acana collaborates with a specially curated group of leading farmers, ranchers and fisheries that they have had relationships with for decades. Their strong network enables them to source only the best, including lamb from New Zealand, fish from Scandinavia and many premium ingredients from our neighbours. No matter what, every ingredient used is selected for its nutritional value, digestibility and superior flavour.

Acana dog foods are formulated in an award winning kitchen. Every Acana dog food formula contains a complete and balanced nutrient profile. This means that it is biologically appropriate for your dog. The ingredients in this food promote overall good health and longevity, including dental health, skin and coat health, and joint health, too.
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This dog food mimics meals your dog would eat in the wild.  This, along with its high meat content, makes its irresistible for all dogs. Acana Heritage Light and Fit Dog Food contains almost entirely natural ingredients, too. In fact, zinc and Vitamin E are the only synthetic ingredients. This formula is also free from pea and potato proteins.

Why We Recommend Acana Light and Fit Grain Free Dry Dog Food:

  • A complete and balanced diet for overweight or less active
  • Made with 65% meat
  • Made in Canada
  • Lower in carbohydrates and calories than regular formulas
  • Made using human grade ingredients
  • Biologically appropriate, and very close to your dogs natural diet
  • Free from unnecessary chemicals and preservatives
  • Also free from pea and potato protein
  • Made with low glycemic fruits and vegetables
  • Made in an award winning kitchen
  • A truly super premium dog food
  • 3070 kcal/kg or 368 kcal per 250 ml / 120 g cup


Fresh chicken (20.5%), chicken meal (20%), whole red lentils, whole green peas, pea fiber, fresh chicken giblets (liver, heart) (5%), turkey meal (5%), herring meal (4%), eggs (4%), raw flounder (4%), whole chickpeas, whole green lentils, whole yellow peas, pea starch, chicken fat (1%), fish oil (1%), raw turkey livers (0.5%), salt, dried kelp, fresh whole pumpkin, fresh whole butternut squash, fresh whole carrots, fresh whole apples, fresh whole pears, fresh whole zucchini, dried chicory root, fresh kale, fresh spinach, fresh turnip greens, fresh beet greens, fresh whole cranberries, fresh whole blueberries, fresh whole saskatoon berries, turmeric, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rosehips

ADDITIVES (per kg) Technological additives: With antioxidants. Nutritional additives: Choline chloride (choline): 700 mg, 3b606 (Zinc: 112.5 mg), 3b406 (Copper (II): 11mg), Vitamin B1: 25mg, Vitamin B5: 8 mg, Vitamin B6: 7.5mg, Vitamin A: 7500 IU, Vitamin D: 1000 IU, Vitamin E: 100 IU. Zootechnical additives: 4b1707 Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415 2.2×10^6 CFU.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude protein (min.)35%
  • Fat content (min.)11%
  • Crude fibre (max.)8%
  • Crude ash (max.)7%
  • Moisture (max.)12%
  • Calcium (min.)1.7%
  • Phosphorus (min.)1.1%
  • Omega-3 fatty acids* (min.)0.9%
  • Omega-6 fatty acids* (min.)2.2%
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) (min.)0.3%
  • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) (min.)0.3%
  • Glucosamine* (min.) 800mg/kg

Feeding Guidelines:

Weight of Dog Active
1 hour or MORE daily exercise
Less Active
1 hour or LESS daily exercise
kg (lb) gr/day cups/day* gr/day cups/day*
5 kg (11 lb) 60 g 1/2 c 80 g 2/3 c
10 kg (22 lb) 120 g 1 c 120 g 1 c
20 kg (44 lb) 200 g 1-2/3 c 240 g 2 c
30 kg (66 lb) 270 g 2-1/4 c 320 g 2-2/3 c
40 kg (88 lb) 330 g 2-3/4 c 390 g 3-1/4 c
50 kg (110 lb) 400 g 3-1/3 c 450 g 3-3/4 c
60 kg (132 lb) 450 g 3-3/4 c 520 g 4-1/3 c

*1 cup = 120 g. To help maintain freshness, we recommend sealing bag tightly and storing in a cool, dry location. This chart is a guide, and may differ based on feeding habits and activity levels of your dog.


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