Holistic Select Large Breed Dog Food



Holistic Select Large Breed Dog Food is the ultimate formula for large and giant breed dogs. With a big dog, comes big nutritional needs! That’s why Holistic Select has created a nutrient rich food with both high calcium and phosphorus levels to promote healthy bone structure under a heavier load. Additionally, this recipe also includes enhanced levels of glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate which supports hips and joints to avoid issues common in larger breeds. Real, quality cuts of chicken and lentils provide the ultimate source of protein and amino acids to maintain and repair muscles.

To make the most of all these nutrients, it is important to have ingredients that allow these to be broken down and absorbed. Digestive enzymes, fibers, live yogurt cultures, pre and probiotics all help to aid this process. With no use of artificial flavouring, colouring or fillers, you dog will be receiving a top quality product to keep them living a strong, happy life!

Why We Recommend Holistic Select Large Breed Dog Food:

  • Made to meet the needs of large and giant dog breeds
  • Filled with nutrient rich vegetables, fruits and oils
  • High in calcium and phosphorus to promote healthy bones
  • Ingredients to ensure joint and hip strength
  • Quality protein sources
  • Grain-free


12LB, 24LB




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