Fou Fou Dog Spritzers Body Spray for Dogs

$7.99 CAD



Fou Fou Dog Spritzers Body Spray is a unique 3-in-1 grooming spray for your pooch. It acts as a detangler, helping to prevent mats and tangles before they happen. It also conditions and moisturizes your dog’s sensitive skin and coat, leaving it shiny and soft. Finally, it provides a fresh, pleasant scent for your pooch. This spritz can be used in between baths, to keep your dog looking and smelling fresh and clean. It can also be applied directly after the bath, to decrease the chance of tangles or mats developing.

Fou Fou Dog Spritzers Body Spray is easy to apply; simply spray on your dog’s fur starting from their neck, and working your way down to their tail. Then, brush your dog to ensure the spritz is distributed evenly. It can be applied to fur that is wet or dry. Each spritz helps to reduce static in your pet’s coat, which can greatly reduce the development of mats and tangles. Available in three delicious flvours: Strawberry daiquiri, pina colada, and also green appletini.

Why We Recommend Fou Fou Dog Spritzers Body Spray:

  • Available in three delicious scents
  • Helps to alleviate mats and tangles
  • Reduces static in your pet’s fur
  • Helps to condition the skin and coat
  • An excellent choice in between baths
  • Can also be used directly after a bath to reduce tangles


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