Charming Pet Crunch N Scrunch Koala Plush Dog Toy


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Charming Pet’s Crunch N Scrunch koala dog toy is hours of fun! Your dog will love the fun koala theme. This unique toy is designed to be played with two ways. First, you can use it as an interactive game of tug-of-war. Your pooch will go crazy for the squeaks and crunching sounds it makes as you play together. Secondly, it can be used for solo play when your pooch is in need of a squeaky friend. Durable rope handles on either side make it easy an comfortable for both you and your dog to hold on to.

Charming Pet’s Crunch N Scrunch koala dog toy is over 23 inches when fully extended. It has a rope travelling the full length of it’s body, making it easy for your dog to grab on to at any point. Plus, it’s extra soft. This toy is machine washable, too. This toy is made with K9 tough guard technology. It has double stitched seams and nylon infused tear points, to make it last extra long. Interactive play is an important part of providing stimulation your dog needs to stay happy.

Why We Recommend Charming Pet’s Crunch N Scrunch koala dog toy:

  • A high quality, well made dog toy
  • Uses K9 Tuff technology to reinforce stitching and tear points
  • Provides crinkling and squeaking sounds your dog will love
  • An interactive, tug-of-war toy
  • A soft, plush exterior


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