Fuzzu Fish Tank Hank Dog Toy


Fish Tank Hank is an ultra durable plush toy that your dog is sure to love! This smiley guy comes with a grab handle, so you and your pooch can play tug games all day. He also has a bold squeaker, to keep your dog even more interested. Your dog will love Hank’s bright, vibrant colours.

Fish Tank Hank is a great toy for spending time in interactive play with your dog. He has extra durable stitching, to make him last longer, too. Interactive play adds much needed mental stimulation to your dog’s everyday life. This improves your dog’s exercise, mental health, and overall well being.

Why We Recommend Fuzzu Fish Tank Hank:

  • A high quality, ultra durable plus toy
  • Includes a big, bold squeaker
  • A strong handle makes interactive play a breeze


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