Playology Dual Layer Bone Scented Dog Toy


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The Playology Dual Layer Bone Scented Dog Toy is a rugged, enticing chew toy option for you furry friend! Unlike other chew toys, they come with enticing scents such as Chicken, Beef and Peanut Butter. Not only does this encourage your dog to play, it also keeps them engaged for longer!  Each Playology product is constructed with top of the line materials, making each ball extremely strong, catering to even the heaviest chewers.

This Dual Layer Bone is extremely fun and SAFE! Playology takes pride in manufacturing products that have you and your dogs best interested in mind, avoiding cheap materials and poor build quality. If you’re looking for reliable chew toy your dog will go nuts for, look no further than the Playology Dual Layer Bone Scented Dog Toy!

Why We Recommend The Playology Dual Layer Bone Scented Dog Toy:

  • Made with 3 different scents to encourage play
  • High quality, safe materials
  • Durable and suitable for the heaviest chewers
  • Very easy to clean
  • Available in 3 size options to best fit your dog


Chicken, Beef and Peanut butter


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