Open Range Goat Ears for Dogs

$180.99 CAD


Open Range Goat Ears are a chewy, tasty, and unique treat for dogs of all ages. These fun chews are made with all natural, free-range goat, making them a healthy treat option. Because this is an all natural product, it’s also rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. This includes complex B vitamins, such as vitamin B12, which are important for a healthy nervous system, metabolism, and also for regulation and formation of red blood cells.

Open Range Goat Ears are available in a bulk case of 70 pieces. These are a short-to medium chew, meaning they will take your pooch a little while to chew through, depending on their chew habits. For heavy chewers, this is a great way to keep them stimulated for a short while. For lighter chewers, one goat ear may last quite awhile. These area  low-odour treat, too, which makes them ideal for quite indoor chew time. Try hiding them around your dog’s favourite areas of the home, for a fun scavenger hunt!

Why We Recommend Open Range Goat Ears:

  • An all natural, free-range dog chew
  • Rich in essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Proudly made in Canada
  • A healthy alternative to raw hide
  • Low-odour


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