Open Range Lamb Pizzle Twists for Dogs

$184.99 CAD


Open Range Lamb Pizzle Twists are a wholesome, healthy, all natural dog treat that your pooch will drool over! These tasty treats are easily digestible, and are a safe alternative to rawhide. Lamb pizzle is rich in B vitamins, which are essential to your dog’s overall health and well. They also contain other essential nutrients and vitamins, such as phosphorous, iron, calcium, and even potassium. B12 helps to support the nervous system, aids int eh creation of red blood cells, and can also prevent anemia.

Open Range Lamb Pizzle Twists last longer than dog cookies or biscuits, so they keep your dog stimulated for a long period of time. They’re a great option for dogs of all sizes, especially heavy chewers. Available in a bulk case of 35. Each lamb pizzle is approximately 6 to 10 inches in length. Because this is an all natural product, colours and sizes will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Why We Recommend Open Range Lamb Pizzle Twists:

  • A fun, delicious chew that dogs love
  • Rich in complex B vitamins
  • Also rich in many other essential vitamins and minerals
  •  An all natural, wholesome treat
  • Proudly made in Canada


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