ROLLOVER Lung Tenders

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Lung Tenders

Rollover Lung treats are 100% natural baked lamb lung or beef lung with no added ingredients. Lung is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and protein and Rollover Tenders are tasty treats for your pet. Our new smaller bite-sized pieces make these treats great for training.
Not all treats are suitable for all dogs therefore please keep in mind your dog’s individual needs when considering a treat. When giving any treat to your dog, please ensure he is supervised and that a bowl of clean drinking water is always available.

Beef Tenders – 50g or 125g
Lamb Tenders – 50g or 125g
Beef Tenders: Beef LungLamb Tenders: Lamb Lung
Lamb Lung and Beef Lung are both very good sources of vitamins C (improves immune function, helps to increase blood levels of antibodies) and B12 (essential for growth and cell reproduction) as well as many other vitamins and minerals. These treats are high protein, 100% digestible, and non-staining.

Beef Lung
Lamb Lung

Crude Protein
70% min
70% min

Crude Fat
10% min
6% min

Crude Fibre
5% max
2% max

10% max
10% max


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